Condolence & Memory Journal

I have so many good memories with you Uncle Chuck. When we would go up to cabins with the family and I would come up and visit. You were always so great to me and made sure I felt safe and at home. You were like a dad I never had. I love you and will miss you dearly Uncle Chuck. I know you're up in heaven right now watching over. ❤

Posted by Leah Haynes - Knoxville, TN - Family   February 12, 2021

Chuck was my uncle and he was there more for me than my own father. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood with this amazing, selfless, funny and an extraordinary person. Every fall him and Karen and my cousins would come up to the smoky mountains to rent a cabin just to visit us. I'm so glad to have known him and this sudden loss has impacted me greatly and has for others close to him. Reading these condolences just reminded me how he impacted everyone he knew.
Thank you for being one of the most amazing and kind people I've met.

Posted by Kirsten Enno - Knoxville, TN - Family   February 12, 2021

My sincere condolences to the family. Charles was a great guy, always had a smile on his face, no matter the circumstance. He was the nicest & the most genuine man I ever met. He made his customers feel very welcomed in Savannah every time we visited Vopak. May you have eternal peace.

Posted by Adys Rivas - GAINESVILLE - Friend   January 19, 2021

I feel like we all group together. Chuck (as we called him then) and Karen and I were often together either hanging out in our Senior lounge or on the weekends. We had great parties at Chuck's as his mother was a terrific hostess. I even had my bridal shower in their family room. I felt as welcome in Chuck's home as I did my own. Chuck was always supportive of Karen and I know he loved her without question - she was his "Bunny". While we grew apart over the miles and years, I will always have a fondness for Chuck in my heart. Rest in Peace, my friend.

Posted by Chanyn Bird - Friend   January 18, 2021

Although his stature dominated the room, his huge heart and humble demeanor made everyone around him feel important and much appreciated. He was always willing to listen and allow people to learn and grow. He was very instrumental in growing my career to wait it is today. Thoroughly enjoyed the time we worked together and the patience he showed with me!

Posted by Mike Jackson - Rincon, GA - Coworker   January 18, 2021

Charles was a great guy who truly cared about others. I really enjoyed working with him and considered him a mentor and a friend. He was one of the nicest people I've ever known and had a great sense of humor. I remember one time we were walking around the terminal preparing for an audit and Charles said cue the deer as if to portray the natural beauty of the site. You may have had to be there but it cracked me up. We talked a lot about scouting and he was very proud of the boys' achievements. I will miss Charles and extend heartfelt condolences to his family.

Posted by Kyle Zandy - Houston, TX - Coworker   January 18, 2021

Charles trusted me with a great opportunity early in my career. He allowed an inexperienced engineer trainee to travel across the country and work with the Vopak Savannah team for 6 months. This ended up being a great opportunity to meet and learn from some wonderful people, and formed the foundation of core values that are still with me today.

I'll never forget riding back from Wilmington, NC with Charles while a US Soccer World Cup game was playing. We managed to get a stream going on the phone, listening and cheering the entire ride.

We didn't work together long, but Charles always seemed like a very genuine and kind person. He was always willing to listen and help with an incredible breadth of knowledge, presumably from years of experience helping others.

Posted by Brandon Friend - Savannah, GA - Coworker   January 18, 2021

Karen, Chase and Ben,

My deepest condolences to all of you in the loss of Charles. He was without a doubt one of the kindest people I have even known. Charles was one of the easiest people I have every had the pleasure of working with. Charles always made you feel at ease and that your opinion and thoughts mattered. He was larger than life and even in tough situations he always saw the bright side. I had the honor of working with Charles his entire career at Vopak Savannah and it was a true pleasure.

He loved all of you very much. He spoke of you all on a daily basis.

I pray for comfort and peace for all of you.

Posted by Michelle Head - Rincon, GA - Coworker   January 18, 2021

We have so many happy family memories of Chuck. We have a photo of my siblings, me and Jeanie when we were all kids, and Chuck, as a baby, hanging on our wall.

He was good, responsible and kind person. He made the world a better place to be.

Our hearts are heavy.

Posted by Victoria Vuletich - GRAND RAPIDS, MI   January 17, 2021

For Karen, Chase, and Ben

I didn't know Charles well. I only met him a handful of times, but I remember him vividly. Not just because I felt I knew him through Karen's stories, or because he was tall and handsome, and the way he and Karen looked at each other when standing side by side was wonderful and a privilege to witness...those are all true, but I remember him so clearly because he had a presence you don't often see. it filled the room and invited you in. It was powerful and welcoming, and through his eyes there was equal part engagement and reserve. Not everyone you meet stays with you, but I will always remember Charles, and while, as I said before, I didn't know him well, I do know this:
- He supported Karen as he was able to during her journey of growth and self discovery, allowing her to blossom, grow, and change the life of at least one person (me!).
- When Karen had surgery, he not only took the time to update me when she was out and safely at home...he took the time answer silly questions AND provided voluntary updates in the following days.
- He showed up every time Karen had a featured performance with the choir
- When I did have occasion to talk to him, he would ask me questions beyond general small talk, incorporating details that showed he knew who I was and remembered where we had left off.
- The reserve in his eyes I mentioned disappeared completely any time he talked about his sons. Talking about Chase and Ben transformed him in to someone softer and fully present, someone who adored his children and could have gone on talking about them indefinitely.
These memories may seem like small things. But they aren't. They are small acknowledgements of a man displaying devotion. Devotion to those he loved so great, that not only was it noticeable to anyone watching, it extended to the people that mattered to the people he loved, and so great it was transformative when brought to focus.
I am glad I got to meet Charles, whom I will always remember.

Posted by Katie Dunnigan - Rincon, GA - Family Friend   January 17, 2021

Charles was a kind and gentle man. He was always willing to listen to anyone and his door was always open. Although he had a was a big presence in the room, he was very humble and encouraged collaboration. It was never about him, always about the team and family first. We worked together for 9+ years and I cannot remember a time that I ever heard him raise his voice, even with difficult news. He was always professional and walked the talk. He supported the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to grow in their role and take ownership of their actions. He was dedicated and took his job seriously. I'll never forget the time we were in Houston Tx for a meeting and had the same flight home on Friday. We got to the airport several hours early and were working diligently in the cubicles of the airport lounge. We both relied on each other to get the other make the flight but time slipped by and we raced to the gate as they closed the door. We pleaded with the attendant but they would not let us on even though the plane was at the gate. Our hearts sank when we realized we would have to call our spouses to deliver the news. We thankfully made the next flight and had a laugh after but at the time we knew we were in hot water.

My deepest condolences to Karen, Chase, and Ben. Know that God has a purpose in everything and His timing. Charles has a new body and role in heaven.

Posted by Chris Sheldon - Savannah, GA - Coworker   January 17, 2021

So sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Charles. I had the privilege of working intimately w/ Charles during our time together at Vopak Savannah. We traveled together to many wonderful cities in US and abroad, shared many great talks on life, work, football (he loved his Denver Broncos), raising boys, house projects, etc. many great memories, most over wonderful meals, not sure who enjoyed picking out restaurants/hotels more, Charles or I, but we were blessed to experience some of the best of both. Charles always amazed me with his calmness, whether we were securing a multi-million dollar account or experience tension w/ one, I can't remember a time where I saw him lose his calmness and thoughtfulness, and for an emotional person like myself, that trait was enduring to me and taught me something. Charles comes off introverted, but those that knew him well knew he has a wonderful sense of humor, we shared many laughs, again most over wonderful dinners/wine w/ co-workers & customers, Charles had a gregarious laugh, as do I, and he wasn't scared to let it out even in formal settings, I always appreciated that and it made me not be scared to do the same w/ my loud laugh! I hope his two sons will take that trait forward in their lives, the world needs more men willing to let out a good laugh when they hear a good joke or story. Your father would smile at that. Charles cared about the human element of business, again, for a hard charging personality like myself, he taught me to think about the entire picture, contemplate how the entire team will be impacted, anyone that worked with Charles knows he sincerely wanted best for everyone he worked with, people were more important than the bottom line to Charles, rare trait, I'd like for his sons too know that in fruitful growth years and lean years, their father truly cared about the people he worked with, I hope that's a trait his boys (and mine children) will carry forward. Sincerely, CD

Posted by Chad Dollander - Savannah, GA - Coworker   January 17, 2021

Karen, it just breaks my heart seeing this. I was unaware of his illness. I truly love Chuck and consider him a true friend. He would have done anything for me within his power and likewise and we knew it. I remember vividly when going through one of the many reorgs at Vopak him telling me that ya'll would remain on the east coast because Momma loved it there. He loved ya'll so and talked freely about that. I loved working with Chuck especially after he came over to Terminal Sales from Univar. He appreciated everything that I taught him and told me so regularly. He was also such a fair and compassionate boss to his employees. This gentle giant was so sweet, quick to laugh and quick to let you know just how much he cared. My heart absolutely breaks for you and your boys. I know that he was your best buddy and one true love and I am so sorry for this great loss. Prayers for peace and comfort for you, the boys and your extended family.

Posted by Kim Furrh - Deer Park, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

We are very sorry for the loss of Chuck. It was really nice to reconnect with him on one of his drives heading back home from the Gulf Coast area. It is amazing how talking to someone after not talking for many years, and it feels like it was just a short time between talks. Chuck was one of those guys, who you could pick right up with, like not a day was missed. He was very sincere with his focus on his family.

Posted by Craig and Susan Nelson - Parker, CO - Friend   January 16, 2021

My sincerest condolences to Charles family. He was one of the friendliest people I have worked with. He was a great professional, always calm and willing to help.

Posted by Guy Keymolen - Deer Park, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

Charles was a professional in every sense of the word. He was warm, funny and great guy to be around. I enjoyed working with him and after our careers took different paths just talking with him. He loved his family dearly and was very proud of his boys.

Posted by Michael Dilick - SUGAR LAND, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

I am so sorry to hear about Charles passing. He was truly one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. My prayers are with your family.

Posted by Jackie Gault - Ringgold, GA - Coworker   January 16, 2021

I am so sorry for your loss. Charles was the sweetest man and I really enjoyed working with him at Vopak. Prayers for your entire family.

Posted by Karen Pounders Wilson - Houston, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

@❤ To his family

Posted by Miriam Harmon - Richmond, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

The Trans send our deepest condolences to the Bradleys. Charles was a very warm and kind individual with whom I worked with while at Vopak VLS. I called Charles and Richard my twin towers since they both worked sales for VLS and would bring opportunities for us to review. He will be dearly missed.

Posted by Tuan Tran - El Lago, TX - Coworker   January 16, 2021

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Chuck's passing. Time flies as life happens. Charles always challenged me to be better through his actions. Your family was such a blessing to us here in Atascocita and we miss you all. Praying for your comfort during this yime of loss.

Posted by Richard Newman - Humble, TX - Friend   January 16, 2021

Reflecting on our great moments, you are forever etched in our memories as a true statesman. I had my utmost respect for your commitment to lead your professional and personal life with dignity, compassion, and respect for all. Kavitha and I will miss our annual meets with Karen and you. Our most sincere and heart felt sympathy and condolences to Karen, your children, and loved ones.
Raj and Kavitha Mahadevaiah

Posted by Raj Mahadevaiah - Alpharetta, GA - Friend   January 16, 2021

Such a good picture and tribute to Chuck. He is fondly remembered and will be missed.

Posted by Shirley Anderson - Broomfield, CO - Family   January 16, 2021

Mr. Charles was a great Scout leader. I am grateful he was able to mentor my son. I am praying for peace and comfort for the family. He loved them dearly.

Posted by Jilliane Banks - Rincon, GA - Friend   January 15, 2021

So sorry to hear of Chucks passing. I am Dales Niece, Loren's youngest daughter. When we would hear of Chuck coming back to Nebraska for a visit. We couldn't wait for them to get here. Love and Prayers coming your way.


Posted by Lorna Carlson - North Platte, NE   January 15, 2021